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What our customers say about Splash« with Ripple-Thru«


Ray M. Bridges, P.E. - Vice President - Urban Engineering - Victoria, TX

"Splash works the way you wish all of your engineering software worked.    It’s incredibly fast, robust, intuitive, and the “Ripple-Thru” is nothing short of incredible.   For every engineer out there that has thought - “There must be a better way.” – there is!  Splash works the way engineers think.  Other engineering software sounds great in the brochure – but Splash with Ripple-Thru delivers.   My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this software sooner."

Gary M. Flowers, P.E. - W K Dickson, Raleigh, NC

"As a long time user of Splash, I can’t say enough good things about the product. It’s function, ease of use and speed far exceed anything the competition has to offer. The Ripple-Thru and quantity take-off alone have saved me countless man-hours and make revisions a breeze. The virtual help function is ingenious. It’s like having your own personal CAD trainer at your fingertips. I highly recommend Splash to anyone looking for a powerful, fast, user-friendly civil software package that will do what you want it to do."


Bobby G. Docktor - Sr. Designer & Software Evaluator, Carter::Burgess Headquarters

"If you are not familiar with Splash you should be. Splash is one of the most user friendly and adaptable civil design packages on the market today. Splash is used on 95% of all projects produced by my department. This software is top of the line and the "on call" support is the best I have dealt with in my 23 year career."


Katrina Hardemon, Burgess Niple - Dallas, TX

"Splash is the most user friendly software I have used.  All the commands have audio tutorials, which make the program easy to use and learn.  As a result, the learning curve is a matter of hours, not days.  The support is also great.   Problems or questions can typically be addressed over the phone.  The end result is Splash has greatly increased productivity; it is one of the best civil design software products."


Pete Burkhimer, P.E. - President - Engineering Services, Inc. - Virginia Beach, VA

"Keep an eye on this one! Civil engineering design elements (sewers, road centerlines, etc.) are not so much "drawn" but truly "modeled" in a geometrically relational database. Change one element, the others adjust, or "Ripple!" Cool."


Sean M. McLean, P.E., Project Engineer, AECOM Technical Services of North Carolina, Inc.

"Over the past 12 years, I have used SPLASH for modeling surfaces, a few streets and various pipelines.  With the new feature of modeling pressure pipelines, it is clear that SPLASH is an outstanding program.  Not only can take-offs of any length of sewer line be completed in an instant, now pipeline deflections can also be checked for both horizontal and vertical constructability.  This is a time saving feature that helps the designing process to be more efficient.  In my opinion, no other program comes close."


Roy Gallier,  Berkley-Howell & Associates, P.C. - Forest, VA

"We have used this product  for all of our "model" related civil design (road, water, sewer, site, record plats, & field survey base drawings - topo & features). We have used SPLASH since before it was ported to run within the MicroStation platform. In 2004 we converted the entire engineering department to MicroStation V8 & SLASH. All of our legacy data (from pre 1991) can still be accessed and used within MicroStation.

This product differs from other Civil Engineering packages in that it does not rely upon references. This program "drafts" the road alignments & sewers (and much more) into the current model. User can modify alignment and sewer design from any MicroStation file which has the SPLASH database connected; it "Ripples" the design changes throughout the entire project – ALL DRAWINGS - ALL PLANS - ALL PROFILES.

Another difference is that SPLASH stores the geometric relationships used to define the design and not the results. Many competing products use a "template" method for design and ultimately store a "dumb" element into the design file. A SPLASH design element is defined by its relational fields / records within the database."


Robert L. Pulley - Pulley's CADD Service - Nashville, TN

"The speed at which you can draw or make changes to a sewerline is unbelievable and the support is the best of all software vendors I have ever encountered."

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