Since 1989 -  Lets you think about designing instead of how to work the computer.SPLASH« - The First Relationship-Based Design Software for Civil Engineers

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Storm/Sanitary Sewer

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Fully Integrated with MicroStation

Reduced Risk – All drawings, at all times, reflect the latest design

SPLASH« With RIPPLE-THRU« is the first relationship-based design software for Civil Engineers and teams designing sewer lines, water lines, storm drains, roads and site work. The power of SPLASH is its ability to dynamically enforce earlier decisions through a relationship management technology called RIPPLE-THRU. Any change in the design automatically re-computes and updates all impacted design components and drawings. Engineers work at a higher, more flexible level and achieve successful designs much more quickly.

For example, an engineer might design intersecting streets with sanitary sewer and storm drainage. When engineering considerations require moving the street alignment, Splash immediately recomputes the street intersection details, moves the manholes, storm drains and pipes, corrects the stationing system, re-computes the profile and updates the plan, profile and cross sections of all drawings in the project. In contrast, other systems force the engineer to delete and redo major sections of both the design and their drawings. With SPLASH an engineer might quickly layout a sewer alignment at six feet deep and then begin to adjust slopes, inverts, pipes and horizontal alignment. With every adjustment the RIPPLE-THRU technology instantly re-computes and updates everything impacted.

SPLASH operates seamlessly inside MicroStation. Throughout the design process, SPLASH works within the CAD environment, so the designer works directly on the drawings. RIPPLE-THRU assures all design changes made in SPLASH are automatically updated in the CAD drawings. SPLASH unifies the entire project with one Relationship Manager, making it easy to incorporate late changes and ensures that everyone is working with the latest information. Although drawings may be many separate MicroStation design files, each drawing is dynamically linked to the SPLASH Relationship Manager. SPLASH with RIPPLE-THRU assures that every drawing at all times accurately reflects the latest design information.

SPLASH can also import GEOPAK, InRoads, Eagle Point, TerraModel, Pacsoft and SoftDesk TIN models.

SPLASH dramatically increases the productivity of civil engineering design professionals and their organizations and helps them to improve their design quality. For civil engineering firms and organizations already using computer-based drafting, use of a relationship-based design system like SPLASH is becoming a competitive requirement for completing high quality designs in the shortest time possible.

Digital Software, Inc. markets and supports SPLASH. Digital Software, Inc. has been marketing and supporting civil engineering design and drafting software for over 20 years. Digital Software customers include municipalities and consulting engineering firms who perform engineering and design of roads, water and sewer pipelines, storm drain systems and site work.


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