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Very short downloadable demonstrations.

This web page contains very short downloadable demonstrations of RIPPLE-THRU« in action. The full product demonstration files are too large to download from the internet. Full demos are available on CD. These short demos are intended to give you an idea of what RIPPLE-THRU« is and what it can do for you.

Minimum requirement to run these short on-line demos:

bulletWindows 95/98 or Windows NT
bulletSpeakers or Headphones
bullet800x600 Screen resolution (1024x768 works best)

The SPLASH« demos are captured MicroStation screens running the SPLASH« product with voice explaining what is going on.

DEMOS: (Approximate 2 Minute download each with 56K modem)


Download - Edit the slope of a pipe. Ripple-Thru updates graphics and text on the entire project. This demo shows a pipe slope being changed on a profile panel.


Download - Move a horizontal PI. Ripple-Thru updates the profile. This demo draws attention to the automatically updated profile but Ripple-Thru has also updated the stationing system, stations, manholes, catch basins, pipes, depths, rim elevation text, deflection labels, etc. on all the plans in the project.


Download - Move a horizontal PI. Ripple-Thru updates manhole labels in plan. This time the demo draws attention to the manhole Station/Deflection labels in the plan panel.


Download - Move a vertical PVI. SPLASH« is used to move a vertical PVI in the profile panel. The catch basins are dynamically attached to the vertical curve design. When the road vertical design changes, Ripple-Thru automatically adjusts the rims of the catch basins, the grade text on the vertical curves, etc.

How to order a Demo CD

E-mail:    Voice: (919) 933-1990

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