Written For Engineers by Computer Scientists - That's why it works!SPLASH« - The First Relationship-Based Design Software for Civil Engineers

Road Design                                      Site Design

Storm/Sanitary Sewer

Easy Plan & Profile              Cross Sections - Earthwork

Urban Street Improvements

Fully Integrated with MicroStation

Reduced Risk – All drawings, at all times, reflect the latest design


Splash has been in use by major Engineering firms and municipalities since 1989 (over 20 years ago and then priced at $78,000). Splash, developed in the USA, was originally integrated into the DOGS (Design Oriented Graphics System) CAD software from PAFEC in Nottingham, UK. Splash has a rich configuration capability for the production of both "American Plan & Profile" and  “European-Style Long-Section” construction plans although Splash is most heavily used in the USA.

In 1995 we abandoned the DOGS CAD software and integrated Splash into MicroStation. Splash is seamlessly integrated into MicroStation as interactive MDL compliant tools. Splash tools have the exact same interactive CAD feel of all the other MicroStation tools. This is natural for Splash as a result of the software's CADD history. Many other packages have a stand-alone history that is apparent.

Splash is the “Civil-Aware” portion of the software that provides tools and performs the design calculations and engineering rendering to MicroStation drawings. Ripple-Thru, invisible to the user, is the “Change Engine” that detects design change events and orchestrates re-computation and rendering. For example, the vertical curve editor is completely unaware a manhole is attached to the road surface. In fact, the editor does not know what a manhole or a surface is. The editor simply modifies the vertical curve and submits the result to Ripple-Thru. Ripple-Thru (aware of the relationship) notifies the manhole object to re-compute and render itself. This object-oriented client/server change-driven architecture allows complex designs to be easily and reliably maintained and edited.

Ripple-Thru manages, stores, and recalls all design data for a project utilizing a single “Geographically Relational Binary Database”. Ripple-Thru provides one seamless database connected to many individual MicroStation drawings. Ripple-Thru maintains a resilient 5-minute recovery log to protect the project data.

Splash rides on top of Ripple-Thru  -  Thus the name “SPLASH« With RIPPLE-THRU«”.

Splash With Ripple-Thru was years ahead of its time in 1989 and remains State-Of-The-Art technology. Splash is and has been under constant development and is currently the most advanced, reliable, and easy to use Civil parametric design software in the world.

Splash and Ripple-Thru are owned and copyrighted by Norman E. Smith – President of Digital Software, Inc. Digital Software, Inc. markets and supports Splash With Ripple-Thru. Digital Software, Inc. was incorporated in 1982. We were marketing a Civil CADD before Bentley even existed. However, we abandoned the CAD portion of our software in favor of Bentley MicroStation. We consider MicroStation to be the finest CAD software available today.

Splash With Ripple-Thru was selected by Raytheon in 2002 as the core enabling technology for the development of the Intelligent Traffic Engineering Design System (ITEDS) software for Maryland State Highway Administration. Digital Software was named as the Raytheon core-technology teammate.

Splash is currently being used in the design of a major over-water bridge and in the repair design of a large collapsing dam in Tennessee.


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