SPLASH Learns Your Drawing Standards for Plan & Profile


SPLASH With Ripple-Thru is graphically configurable by the user.

This is nessecary as Splash generates so much automatic graphics. A SPLASH user's clients usually have required graphic standards for delivered drawings. SPLASH can have multiple configurations.

SPLASH learns some standards interactively:   Play Learn Drafting Standards Video on YouTube

SPLASH has many standards defined in a text file: Inspect configuration text file

249 Leave a gap in the MH where pipe intersects (0-No 1-Yes), 1
251 Draw Dallas Texas City DWU standard MHs (0-No 1-Yes), 0
253 Fill bottom of MH/CB in profile (0-No 1-Yes), 1
254 Display pipe size in invert labels (0-No 1-Yes), 0
244 Display Deflection for Equalities (0-No 1-Yes), 0
245 Display Inverts for Equalities (0-No 1-Yes), 1
246 Display Rim Elevation in MH Plan Label (0-No 1-Yes), 1
247 Display MH Inverts in MH Plan Label (0-No 1-Yes), 1
229 Label Eq information in Profile option, 3
229 Label Eq information in Profile option, 3


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